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Год выпуска:March, 2018

Лицензия:CC BY 3.0 (кредиты нижнего колонтитула должны оставаться на месте)

Кредиты:Изображения от Unsplash


A good website will help you tell your story. Blanca is a template that will tell your story in the best light! A great personal website template that fits fashion, lifestyle, design and many other kinds of niches! Blanca will highlight your best sides and set you on the course towards success!

Make the thoughtful minimalism of Blanca your own! This template is easy to customize and has features and widgets that specifically highlight the author or creator of the blog. A beautiful “About Me” page, blogging tools, attractive slideshows, and eye-catching, timeless style will help you stand out even among the best!

  • 24/7 Онлайн Поддержка
  • Лёгкий Конструктор Сайтов
  • 2X Скорость Работы WordPress
  • Мощная Панель Управления
  • 30 дней Гарантия Возврата Денег
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