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jb Servers был основан в 2004 и уже 14 лет на рынке.

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JBServers.net :: Internet Services Professionals

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JBServers.net provides business hosting, dedicated servers, webdisk backup, free hosting, reseller hosting, shoutcast, speed test and many other services.

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JBServers Net 4253308284 8819VikingWay P.O.Box95PMB#118 Stanwood, WA 98292 US

Сотрудники Jb servers Ответили На Наши Вопросы!

  • Какие у Вас гарантии возврата денег?
    his is stated in the left hand column of the page for whatever hosting package you are hosting specifically. Only a couple of our dedicated and shoutcast offerings DON'T have a 30 day money back guarantee. For example, on the left menu of this page you will see it has a 30 day money back guarantee, this is the most common hosting package type; https://jbservers.net/hosting.php?spt=1
  • Какая средняя продолжительность работы серверов?
    Status information is provided for over 50 servers, we do not aggregate an average. The status pages have been being worked on for the last 3 months due to the fundamental problem of storing a data entry for 5 or more services per server for every day of every month of every year. Because of this some of the status pages are currently displaying incorrectly. It can be accessed from the status page while logged in.
  • Какое время ответа сотрудников поддержки?
    We provide support for the servers. We only provide server services, and ensure that the servers are doing their job correctly and functioning optimally. We do not do web design and development. We focus 100% on servers. We do offer some support if something that is supposed to work isn't working or if you have general problems that are server related. If you have a problem with your website code its beyond the scope of what we do.
  • У Вас есть скидки?
    What you see on our site is what is currently available.
  • Что еще Вы можете рассказать о Вашей компании и услугах?
    We're not a "cheap host". We're not bulk selling servers and space and overloading for the sake of slamming as many people in the smallest place as possible. We provide an appropriate service with quality servers and primarily provide services to organizations running legitimate online businesses. In those regards, if you're looking for what you may have previously found with cheap hosting (downtime, poorly trained staff, wrong answers to easy questions, server throttling, mass overselling, etc...) you won't find that here.

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  • php
  • my sql
  • intel
  • cloudlinux
  • nginx
  • cloudflare
  • wordpress
  • 24/7 Онлайн Поддержка
  • Лёгкий Конструктор Сайтов
  • 2X Скорость Работы WordPress
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • 30 дней Гарантия Возврата Денег
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